Current research

Many independent studies have been performed on our platform. As they become available we share them with the research community. Ongoing research topics are:

  • Variation theory study using vLeader
  • vleader as a Leadership assessment

SimuLearn encourages independent research on its platform as a way of partnering with industry and academia to improve the state of the art in simulation learning for interpersonal skills.

Research on Method

Since its inception, SimuLearn has encouraged independently run research and studies performed on its innovative platform. This helps us continuously improve the effectiveness of our products as well as allow our program to drive the state of the industry. Publically available studies involving SimuLearn programs are:

Research-Based Products

SimuLearn's products are designed to support research-based theory currently taught in face-to-face, blended and online classes. Here is a shortlist of what we currently support within our vLeader series of products.

  • Contingency Leadership Theory

  • Behavioral LeadershipTheory
  • Needs-based Motivation Theory

  • Our Activity Worksheetsseries of products also support the above theories, but in a more focused manner, and expand into in other major subject areas including:

  • Change Management
  • Communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Human Resources