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SimuLearn's unique approach to interpersonal skills development has led to a variety of products to meet the needs of you and those you educate. Awards and research have been focused on many of our products.

  • Professional

    Blended Learning products & Bundles

    Looking to offer deep, immersive learning activities which have created documented improvements in performance, EQ and behavior at all age ranges? Used by corporations and university classes, an instructor can use these products which include optional electronic textbooks to create emotional engagement in the learning activity and develop awareness, maturity and self-reflective capabilities.

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  • Worksheets

    Easily Integrated Self-paced Modules

    Designed for course guardians who do not have time to go through a train-the-trainer program, our activity worksheets require less effort for both instructor and learner. We have some off-the-shelf modules of varying lengths and we also custom build activity worksheets for your class.

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  • Custom

    Custom Development

    SimuLearn has taken its patented technologies and applied them to custom and tailored versions for specific enterprise learning needs. Please contact us to discuss usage and rates for this service.

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